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It may be necessary for Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd to disclose your personal information as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 to our employees and divisions or and third-party service providers who assist us to interact with you via our website, email or any other method, for the ordering of goods, the delivery of goods or the submission of any claim regarding any goods you have purchased.
By disclosing or submitting your personal information to us you consent to us processing your personal information for the purposes described in these terms. This includes: (a) your personal information being processed by Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd within the Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd  database; (b) receiving printed and electronic marketing material to inform you of special offers and products that may be of interest to you.
The information provided to Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd via our website is processed and recorded and stored on online servers.
You have the right, in accordance with the relevant legislation, to (a) obtain access to your personal information held by Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd; (b) to request the correction, destruction or deletion of your personal information held by Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd; and (c) to object to the processing of your personal information. It furthermore remains your responsibility to inform Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd of any changes to your personal information.
You may opt-out of any direct marketing received from Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd should you so elect, by notifying Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd thereof in writing, to in**@ri*******.za

In addition, you may object to your personal information being shared with third parties who have a strategic marketing relationship with notifying Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd, by notifying us in writing of such objection, in writing to in**@ri*******.za. If you object to your personal information being shared with associated partners or third parties who have a relationship with Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd, prior to the information being shared with such parties, Ringpharm (Pty) Ltd will not disclose your personal information to any associated or third parties linked to the group. 

You will only be contacted should you subscribe on the Ringpharm website and/or associated partner sites, like us on Facebook, indicate via e-mail that you wish to be informed of special in-store deals and/or any other related deals.
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