It’s your business,
your expertise and
your passion…

With that little bit extra…

You want to retain your independence and the right to run your own business your own way… but you also want support, backup and feel part of something. For too long, independent pharmacists had no choice: either you stood alone in a big and uncaring world, or you sold out and were swallowed to become part of some cold, vast, corporate entity.
Ringpharm changes all that.

the best of a large support network + the best of you

The power of plus

independence + support and networking
small business + big brand

Ringpharm Pharmacy
Forget expensive, inefficient and outdated business models…
Forget giving up control
of running your
business, your way…
Forget feeling completely on your own in a challenging field…
And experience the
Power of Plus.
Ringpharm Pharmacy
It’s more buying power, without having to increase your volumes.
It’s real time savings with upfront promotions
Ringpharm Pharmacy
It’s increased profitability.
And zero franchise fees.
It’s getting you strong, visible branding.
Without ongoing costs and constant fees.
Ringpharm Pharmacy
It’s about being known and seen in local communities
Ringpharm Pharmacy
It’s about social media and digital marketing
It’s about media, promotions and flyers driving customers through your doors and into your store
Ringpharm Pharmacy
It’s about strengthening your position as a caring, independent, intelligent, pro-active, interested, committed, entrepreneur and healthcare provider
Ringpharm Pharmacy
While serving you with support, back-up, better value, better deals, better margins, better marketing,
and more
Ringpharm Pharmacy
That’s the real
power of plus.
It’s you. Plus us.
It’s you… with a little extra.

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