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Xcel for (Back to School and Work) Brainpower


XCEL is a compound formulation that may assist in managing cognitive disorders.

How does it work?

The ingredients are included for their actions on improving cognitive functions (memory, thinking and reasoning) and in general have a neuromodulatory action.

What is cognitive dysfunction?

Cognitive dysfunction is most commonly manifested in children and adolescents in the form of “learning disorders”. A learning disorder is defined as difficulty in an academic area (reading, mathematics or written expression). The child’s ability to achieve in the specific academic area is below what is expected for the child’s age, educational level, and level of intelligence. The difficulty experienced by the child is severe enough to interfere with academic achievement or age-appropriate normal activities of daily living. Learning disorders are sometimes called learning disabilities, or specific learning disabilities. Types of learning disorders include the following:

  • Reading disorder (sometimes called dyslexia)
  • Mathematics disorder
  • Disorder of written expression
Xcel BRAINPOWER for Cognitive Development

The importance of cognitive skills:

Cognitive skills are what separate the good learners from the so-so learners. Here’s why:

  • Without developed cognitive skills, children fall behind because they aren’t able to integrate new information as they are taught it
  • The sad truth is that most students move on to the next grade before they have mastered the basic academic skills like reading, writing and maths… because they haven’t developed cognitive skills

Remember: The ability to learn and make sense of new information is crucial to successful learning… and that’s why developing cognitive skills is so important.

May assist children in the following:

  • Improving cognitive function
  • Improving retention of newly acquired information
  • Improving attention span, attention and concentration
  • Enabling the brain to work under stress
  • Calming the agitated mind

May assist adults and the elderly in the following:

  • Helping to reduce mental fatigue
  • Enhancing cognitive properties
  • Helping the brain to work under stress and reduce loss of memory

Frequently Asked Questions about Xcel

What age groups can take XCEL KIDS syrup?
XCEL KIDS syrup can be used for children between 2 – 15 years.

How do I know if I should take 1 dose or 2 doses daily?
XCEL KIDS syrup – if the child has a diagnosed learning disorder then 2 doses daily are recommended but 1 dose is adequate should the parent / guardian be adding the product as a daily ‘supplement’ to assist in general cognitive function.

Can a person continue using XCEL for more than 3 to 4 months?
XCEL can be taken for a longer period of time, due to the nature of the indication it is difficult to assess the effect of the product in a shorter period than 3 to 4 months. The 3 to 4 month dosage allows for an adequate amount of time to assess changes or improvements in cognitive function.

Can XCEL be taken with other prescription medication?
There are no known drug interactions reported with the use of XCEL but should a person have any questions please ask your health care provider or call the Tibb Health Sciences helpline on 0800 22 TIBB (8422).

Can I take XCEL when I am pregnant or breast feeding?
The use of XCEL is not recommended as safety in pregnancy and breast-feeding has not been established. 

What does XCEL syrup taste look/taste like?
XCEL KIDS syrup is orange in colour and has a sweet, fruity taste. It contains sugar.

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