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6 Tips to Avoid a Festive Season Over Indulge

6 Tips to Avoid a Festive Season Over Indulge

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and eat everything in sight. When it comes to Christmas and New Year, to over indulge is all too easy, and with the amount of food piled high in every home, numerous parties  and catered lunch around, finding balance can be tricky.

Check out our 6 tips to avoid the festive season over-indulgence and start 2019 off without the resolution to lose those festive season kilos.

6 Tips to Avoid a Festive Season Over Indulge

Tips to avoid a feastive season over indulge

1. There will always be a health (ier) option: Look past the table full of salty snacks, pavlova and lollies and you’ll find a range of lean meats, seafood, salads and fresh fruit. Now all you need is a little portion control and you’re set for a healthy party feast.

2. Treat yourself, don’t stuff yourself: Keep in mind that you don’t need to force down that extra serve of dessert or handful of chips in the name of social festivity as you will have to deal with the consequences of a feastive over indulge. Stuffing yourself with more food than you usually consume will leave you lethargic and low on motivation. It’s all about finding the balance between treating yourself and binging.

3. Go easy on the drinks: Christmas and New Year parties, alcohol and soft drinks are a dangerous mix – especially for your waistline. Keep hydrated (yes, with water) and try to space out your refills with a glass or two of water in between.

4. Maintain your exercise routine: Whether you have guests or are heading away for the hilidays, an exercise routine can be difficult to maintain – but overindulgence isn’t just what you put in your mouth. Lazing about over the Christmas and New Year period can have damaging consequences, so make sure you’re making a conscious effort to get your usual amount of exercise in each day.

5. Eat before you party: You may not be sitting and feasting, but even an invitation to drinks can make it hard to pass on the canapés – and you’d be surprised at how quickly they add up. Before you head out to party, make sure you’ve had a wholesome snack to keep you full and fuelled – think vegetable soup, toast and peanut butter or banana and a handful of almonds.

6. Freeze your leftovers: As tempting as it is to leave your pile of party leftovers in the fridge to snack on over the proceeding few days, why not freeze them? That way, you can consume everything fresh – e.g. leftover salad and seafood – while extending the life of others – e.g. lasagne and pudding.

Ask your pharmacisit for advice.

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