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When it comes to diabetes, insist on Accuracy. It's your right!

When it comes to testing your blood sugar levels, the one thing you would assume to be accurate are the numbers displayed on your blood glucose meter. Unfortunately, this commonly held assumption is incorrect. Not only is it in incorrect, but the consequences of then unknowingly dosing yourself with an incorrect insulin dose, can put your health at risk. *1,2,3

With Accu-Chek, your health is a priority. For us, accuracy is a non-negotiable, and it should be for you too. All Accu-Chek® blood glucose meters are 100% accurate.*1,2,3

Which begs the question: With a condition like diabetes, where the numbers are so important in keeping you balanced, healthy and in control, why wouldn't you use a meter with proven accuracy to help you do this? So, put your meter to the test. If you find that it doesn't measure up, just ask your pharmacist or doctor today, or call 080-Diabetes (call 080-34-22-38-37).

Experience what's possible.

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